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Car Wash Outlets

Kerrick Car Wash Cold Pressure Cleaner

This powerful auto-stop and start trigger-activated pressure cleaner was specifically developed by Kerrick for the car wash industry, rental and hire car companies, and car dealerships. Portable and very easy to use, the versatile EI1511CW cleaning unit features quality Italian brass pumps and comes with an IP56-rated motor plus a flex-coupling drive between the pump and the motor for excellent heat dispersal that ensures a long active working life. It’s smooth and quiet to operate, can be wall- mounted and remotely wired for ease of operation, and is easily customisable by a Nilfisk technician to suit your particular needs.


Workshop Repair facilities

Kerrick Heavy Duty Wet Dry Vacuum

The Italian designed and manufactured VH623PL is a twin-motor light industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a large capacity 90 litre high-impact tank and robust construction that’s built to take on all of your tough clean-up tasks. It’s easy to manoeuvre and engineered to go deep down into a vehicle’s carpet layer and upholstery to remove small debris, grit and built-up grime in Dry mode, and then Wet vacuum for a terrific result. It’s well-suited for indoor and outdoor cleaning and ideal to get a car’s interior back to looking in a better state of cleanliness and appearance than when it was driven in.


Auto detailing centres

Kerrick Clip Carpet Extractor/Cleaner

The ‘Clip’ is one of the most versatile automotive cleaning solutions in the Kerrick range from Nilfisk, being a genuine 4-in-1 machine. It’s a dry vac, a wet vac, upholstery cleaner and a carpet shampooer, all in the one portable six-wheeled unit. It comes complete with a dry filter bag and dry vacuuming tools, wet floor squeegee, upholstery tool and carpet drag tool. The Clip was designed for commercial-grade usage in the car detailing industry and is ideal for upholstery and carpet cleaning, stubborn stains, and dealing with stubborn stains on fabric car seats and inside trim.


Customer service areas

Nilfisk SC50 walk-behind Scrubber/Dryer

For scrubbing, sweeping and drying in every corner of a workshop, showroom or sales office, the SS250 scrubber/dryer is battery-powered and quiet. It delivers high productivity due to its light weight and it sweeps, scrubs and dries at the same time. Moving both forward and backwards on hard floors, debris, dirt and even the smallest dust particles are removed effectively by the 34 cm cylindrical brush.


Car rental sites

Viper AS4360B walk-behind Scrubber/Dryer

This simple to use Viper medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer is designed to handle mid-sized and heavy usage areas with ease. Its built-in charger reduced pushing force dynamics, and an ergonomic start/stop switch all contribute to providing easy handling for the operator and its body shape allows the scrubber/dryer to get into every ‘nook and cranny’ of automotive workshops, showrooms and sales offices.



Viper AS530R mini Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

The AS530R’s intuitive display shows all major functions including battery status together with large buttons and a clear view of the water/detergent level indicator. The big steering wheel ensures the AS530R is easy to maneuver with a minimum of training, and when driving, safety is added by the automatic braking system that’s engaged when the pedal is released. Covering areas over 5,000 square meters, it’s ideal for large showrooms, service areas and workshops.

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